What is Buy Ballarat

Buy Ballarat is an attractive, easy to use coupon booklet created to showcase local businesses and directly delivered into the entire local data base. It is an effective way for businesses of all types and sizes to reach their market in a timely, affordable and targeted manner. By pooling individual marketing resources in a co-operative advertising program, businesses can offer consumers an attractive incentive to achieve a direct response. Our mission is to provide consumers with savings on product and services that they can redeem at your business.

This joint promotion will unite the local business community in their campaign to encourage consumers to ‘buy local’. Buy Ballarat will deliver your advertising message to 30,000 local households - If we can encourage just 1% of these consumers to redeem their coupon, that’s 300 extra customers for your business instantly.

What's in it for you?

Who Should Participate?

Buy Ballarat is an affordable promotion developed to gain brand awareness and introduce potential new clients to your products and services. Your offer is designed to generate a response or to motivate potential customers to take action. Buy Ballarat will put potential customers in front of you so that you have the opportunity to increase revenue and bring in more customers. Best of all, Buy Ballarat is an extremely affordable program that allows businesses to measure the response of their advertising.

Who Benefits?

Everybody benefits, including you! According to Commerce Ballarat, last year $100 million was lost to Ballarat businesses with many local people choosing to spend their dollars elsewhere. By offering an attractive incentive to spend in your business, customers will receive instant savings and best of all, your money stays local which ensures future growth and opportunities for all here in Ballarat.

How does it work?

Shared mail advertising is one of the most cost effective ways for business to market themselves to local residents directly around Ballarat. Using proven methods you can share the cost of graphic design, paper and mailing with other local businesses and costs are significantly improved. Why pay 60 cents for a stamp when you can reach your local target market for as little as 2 cents per household.